Coworking – It’s Good For Business

Coworking.Booths.DublinEarlier this year a good friend recently completed the London Marathon. Before the race, she confided in me that her busy schedule had only allowed her to run a maximum of 18 miles in any one session. She was worried that she wouldn’t have the stamina to complete the distance. The marathon is of course 26 miles. Eight full miles short of what she had ever run.

These final eight were the toughest of her life. What got her across the line was the fact that she was not alone. There were others with her who were experiencing the same physical and mental pain and what manifested was a unique type of empathy that produced super human abilities.

Doing something hard is easier when you’re doing it with others and starting a business is no different. A Coworking space provides the antidote to loneliness and a support network where struggles and successes are shared.

A coworking space is a gym for your mind where all you need do is look up and see your comrades fighting the same fight you. It can also be a rich knowledge pool where you can bounce ideas off others from completely different disciplines – a ready made outside the box approach.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be carrying out an experiment where we invite willing coworking members to meet, say on a Friday morning, and talk about their business goals for the coming two weeks. Two weeks later we’ll all get together again and report back. The idea is to curate not only a support network but also a platform for accountability which sometimes gets lost when you are working for yourself. We’re excited to see what the results will be.