Member Spotlight – Vimal Jain, KineticFeedback

Business owner and entrepreneur Vimal Jain of KineticFeedback fills us in on his business kineticfeedback which provides 3D printing products and consultations.

So tell us about yourself and what led you to set up in business ?

I am trying to break into the BioTech industry by making prosthetics for lower socio economic areas. My ideal would be to be a public limited company, of which I am in the process of doing. I want to save as many people as I can along the way and wish to give people with physical disabilities a new lease on life. At the minute I am making 3D printed customizable jewellery

What are the types of services that you you provide and what problems that you solve for your customers?

Customizable 3D printed jewellery and consultations for technology. I am currently trying to find creative solutions to anyone wanting 3D printed jewellery. I will hand make the design and work with the client on how they want it done. I will also then ship the product for free. The idea is to get the experience rather than lots of sales. I just want the time to be able to design. If my customer then has more problems, I will use my expertise to then solve any and all issues.

What is the most challenging aspect of running a business / working freelance?

I have to do all the work myself. I find myself doing deliveries and online surveys to retain the flexibility of my workstyle. I don’t want to be beholden to strict regimes and rulesets so I look for clients. I am mostly just giving myself enough time until I can make a breakthrough with prosthetics or with kinetic energies.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to run your business / work freelance?

I have unlimited motivation to help people and I have just done that. I am in works to getting all of my business as a public company and most people are praising my work. With all that praise and motivation, I continually generate an infinite amount of energy. I just plain and simply do not want to stop working on this. Taking zero loans and making the money myself really helps keep me in the green and happy. I also do tonnes of therapy and exercise like martial arts/weightlifting to keep my body healthy.

What one piece of advice would you share with other members on how to overcome business setbacks?

Dont take out loans. Risk what you can afford. Try to not get into a contract if you can not afford the contract. Noone likes a bad business deal, so try to avoid those if at all possible.

Share your hidden gem about Dublin

I like hiking, I go to the wicklow national park just outside Firhouse(where I live in Dublin) and I love to get into nature. Its where I am comfortable and where my mind wanders to. I am motivated and working through life so I can eventually move outside Dublin and live in a mini home in the countryside somewhere!

How can our audience get in touch with you? is my website if you want to check it out. My linktree with socials is also there.