Member Spotlight – Richie Lennon, Around Finance

We recently caught up with Office Suite Club member Richie Lennon. His business is a testament to the modern accounting practice with dedicated account managers, real-time customised reporting and cutting edge technology.

Richie’s practice specialises in small businesses, in particular those involved in E-Commerce & Retail, Creative Agencies & Technology Start-Ups. Richie and his team will take care of all the back-office issues and ensure that clients are 100% tax compliant and tax efficient at all times.

So tell us about yourself and what led you to set up in business ?

I have always had a passion for business. From my early days, I knew that accounting would be the path which would allow me to use analytical skills in a problem-solving environment. I have spent the last 15 years working in practice, working as a CFO in fast-growing business environments, mentoring and teaching for Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices. I pride myself on being a ‘hands-on’ good commercial accountant. I started the practice in 2015 knowing that there was a better way to help small business owners. A big part of this journey is now oriented to getting to know the people we work with. Personally understanding our client’s business objectives and ambition allows us to support sustainable growth.

What are the types of services that you you provide and what problems that you solve for your customers?

Do you spend too much time on accounting and bookkeeping? Do you want to spend more time serving customers and less time on administration? Are you planning to use online accounting software to automate the finance functions of your business? Do you want to know exactly where your business is with monthly financial reporting? Have you considered outsourcing your finance function to an experienced accounting team?

Around Finance is the accounting practice of choice for founders who are motivated to prosper, impact, employ and give back. We support businesses with purpose. Our job is to make sure you are free to focus on taking your business to the next level. We do this through cloud software, and dedicated account managers with real-time customised reporting. We also try to make it as pain-free as possible! Talk to usReach out to arrange a discovery call.

What is the most challenging aspect of running a business?

One of the big challenges of running a business is putting in place the support you need to facilitate delegation. In particular, managing cashflow requires access to real-time accurate financial data aligned to a regularly updated forecast.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to run your business?

We are a customer service business. This means we share in our customer’s success. Most of our clients tend to be a small family-oriented business. We build good relationships with our clients over time. Knowing our hard work contributes to the success of our clients is deeply satisfying.

What one piece of advice would you share with other members on how to overcome business setbacks?

Just keep going… “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”, John Lennon.

Share your hidden gem about Dublin

Bang Bang, Phibsborough for coffee and lunch!

How can we get in touch with you?

Check out the website by clicking here or meet me on linkedin.