5 Proven Techniques To Manage Workday Stress

We have all adopted routines that we can use to destress after we leave work such as going for a run, taking a hot bath or doing yoga. But what about when we are stressed and anxious at work? Although there are limitations to what you can do to destress during work hours there are still a few techniques that you can use to overcome your anxiety and stress , both of which can destroy your productivity and creativity is necessary.

We have put together 5 techniques recommended by psychologists to tackle and manage your anxiety during work hours:

Switch Your Playlist

You may indeed have a great playlist but if you are feeling under pressure or anxious, your rock or dance genre music may not help you. Switching to sounds of nature can really soothe you and ease stress levels. Sounds such as water, forest or sea has been said to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels which are often raised in times of stress or anxiety.

Shut Off Notifications

Those annoying alerts when you are already in a stressful situation can really make you feel worse. They will also cause you to lose focus on what you are doing, if you are anxious about getting an assignment done to a deadline then this will not help.

Help.Work.StressMaximise Your Lunch Break

The aim of a lunch break is to eat and have an actual break. The temptation to grab a quick bite and then rush back to work may be there but resist. Get away from your desk for a walk in the fresh air, read a book, listen to some music or try some meditation. We have added a link in our last technique for some great apps to learn the art of meditation.

Keep Refreshments Close

Being hungry or dehydrated will make you less able to cope with stressful situations. When hungry we become more fatigued and have lower energy levels which affects our ability to focus. Loss of focus can also occur when dehydrated. The solution is to keep a bottle of water close at hand and some healthy snacks if you get delayed for your lunch break.

Learn Breathing Techniques

During times of anxiety or stress, your breathing pattern can change and quicken. Learning some basic breathing techniques to relax the body can be very helpful when you feel yourself becoming stressed and this breathing pattern change occurs. We have created an earlier post on the best apps to teach you breathing techniques and meditation.