Imposter Syndrome Much?

While trying to make progress on your entrepreneurial journey you may question are you up to the challenge or doubt if you should have started this journey. These feelings of insecurity are what is now commonly known as Imposter Syndrome. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of people will have the feeling of Imposter Syndrome at least once in their life. Here we have put together 4 steps for identifying and overcoming any feelings of Imposter Syndrome so you can continue to achieve your career goals.

Step No.1 Realise and Acknowledge Your True Fear

Imposter Syndrome tends to come to the fore when someone has been given an opportunity or a position that they don’t feel ready for.  A person with Imposter Syndrome will then start to doubt their ability to fulfil the new position and may compare themselves to more successful people in the same area of expertise.

The thing to remember is, if you have been given a promotion then someone has seen your potential to succeed. If you have started a business, then to even contemplate that challenge and put it in motion means you are stronger and more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Step No.2 Discuss Your Fear with a Friend or Business Mentor

Having a mentor can be of great benefit as they may have experienced something similar and can help talk you through overcoming these feelings. A mentor will advise you on the best coping techniques for these feelings of doubt and highlight your accomplishments. We have discussed other reasons as to why a business mentor is a great idea when setting out as an entrepreneur in a previous post.

Am.I.An.ImposterStep No.3 Set Goals to Achieve

Acknowledging feelings of fear and building confidence in your ability to do your new position is a process and can take time. In the meantime, set small achievable goals to complete, as you successfully complete these goals in your new position and start to recognise your true ability, it will build your confidence with every successful goal you complete.

Step No.4 Rewrite Your Mental Programme

Learn to recognise and acknowledge your feelings of being an imposter, keep track of these thoughts and when they tend to emerge. This will help you discover what is triggering these feelings and give you an opportunity to stop them before they take over.