Four Ways to Combat Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneurial fatigue is side effect for ambitious entrepreneurs starting out and results in the feeling of tiredness, stress and lack of motivation. Many ignore these signs believing it is just all part of the entrepreneurial journey. Unfortunately, if you are also feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained or unable to meet the constant demands of your business, then you may be starting to suffer from entrepreneurial fatigue and burnout.  It is essential to address the situation and begin adopting new habits into your daily routine, we have put together these 4 easy steps to do just that:

Improve your Time Management Skills

Learning to manage your time starts with setting boundaries and using your time wisely. It is about prioritising what tasks and duties you dedicate your time and energy to. It is easy to fall into the “I’m busy” trap but being busy all the time doesn’t mean we are being effective and productive. To ensure you are in fact working effectively, it is a great idea to set goals to give you focus and a vision to work towards, this will help you identify what you should be spending your time on. Here we have created some additional steps for to ensure you have a more productive day.

Don’t Be a “Yes” Person

The temptation to say “Yes” to every exciting opportunity that comes your way can eventually lead to burnout. You will need to learn to evaluate opportunities that present themselves and whether they are worth your time. Learn to politely say no when a project comes along that doesn’t feel right for you or doesn’t feel it will benefit your business.

Don’t Allow Your Entrepreneurial Journey Takeover

If you are working from home, it can sometimes create feelings of isolation and loneliness. Research has found that this feeling of loneliness can reduce your work happiness by around 12%.  It is essential that you don’t let your start-up dream overtake everything else in your life. Try to schedule in time in your week to relax and catch up with friends and family. Meet and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, who can give you advice on business obstacles you may be encountering while also building your business network.

Adopt New Lifestyle Routines

There are many lifestyle changes that will greatly benefit you if you are starting to feel burnt out.  Making these small lifestyle changes could make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. You can start doing this by creating a dedicated time for relaxation and mindfulness, we have outlined some great apps that you can use to easily build these relaxation habits.  You can also start devoting time in your week to low intensity work outs and ensuring you are maintaining a well-balanced diet.