Virtual Office uptake is rising among Irish businesses.

A Virtual Office address is a legitimate was to operate your business. It has become the smart move for many businesses both new and established. It has become a marker of agility and forward thinking.

When you choose a virtual office for your business you’ll maintain a formal business address in a prestigious premises but without the high costs associated with renting a traditional office space. Your mail is managed for you, you gain on-demand access meeting rooms and day desks. You can book a team space or a day office for when group collaboration is needed.

This move to virtual office address is also facilitated by deeper customer and client understanding of why many businesses have gone virtual office. Simply put, clients appreciate cost efficiency. The focus has moved from having a glamorous corporate headquarters to providing a cost efficient service.

Who is using virtual offices?

Businesses using virtual offices are no longer boot strapped start-up’s. 70% of our virtual office members comprise of larger businesses who are using their virtual office to facilitate a hybrid working policy.

Businesses that before now would never have considered the virtual option are making the move to virtual. Even traditionally office bases businesses like accountancy and legal firms now embrace the virtual office concept. Initially they were drawn by the cost reduction but have since seen other unforeseen benefits.

Case Study

An real case study of a professional business who had physical space with us goes like this:-

Pre moving to virtual/hybrid: Ten desks, ten staff. All team members commuting to work every day, Monday to Friday and working 9am to 5pm. Serviced Office costs at €600 per desk per month. Total monthly costs amounting to €6,000.

Post move to virtual/hybrid: VO subscription of €29 per month with frictionless on demand access to meeting rooms, day desks and team spaces. Pay-as-you-use meeting rooms (at €30 per hour) amounted to about 8 meetings per month and just two staff needed day desks for one day each. Total monthly costs amount to €339.

So that’s €6,000 Vs €339. A huge difference!

To get there, some adjustment was required. It took the team around three months to adjust to the new way. Once the adjustment was over things began to flow.

The savings gave rise to a very happy CFO but there were other benefits too. The company budget was freed up for other things. Funds began to find their way into enhanced staff training, better employee benefits, better software for remote working, updated computers for staff, and so on. The outcome included heightened employee satisfaction and enhanced operational efficiency.

Yes, there was the convenience forgone of having your own door locked office with desktops and files etc, but once the change was made all staff members rose to the challenge and and remote work efficiency began to show its power. Both team and employer put remote policies first and flexibility was baked into operations. Clients quickly embraced the new way and efficient pay only for use meeting room reservations further improved the bottom line. Team members achieved superior work life balance and the corresponding productivity boost endures.

Practical Benefits

Changing from a physical office space to a Virtual Office address won’t hold back your business. On the contrary, when managed correctly it will bring both anticipated and unforeseen benefits. Don’t be fearful of the change. If you’re unsure then our advice is to give it a meaningful try. You’ll be surprised at how staff, clients and the universe get behind you.

If you’re not already convinced, then here is a quick summary of the benefits:-

  • You have an office, but without the costs of an office. A virtual office is a fraction (and we mean a tiny fraction) of the cost of renting a regular office.
  • You maintain a postal and real street address in an established premises.
  • Your home address remains private (if you use it to register your business then it becomes public -for example in the Companies Registration Office).
  • You can meet clients and customers in a professional setting with on-demand booking.
  • For those days when home working isn’t working out, you can rent day offices and day desks.
  • Client and customer confidence remains as your address is established and well know.

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Remote and hybrid working is no longer the outlier. It’s becoming the norm. If you’d like to learn more about a Dublin Virtual Office then sign up online and get activated same day.