Are Virtual Offices Legal?

A virtual office address is perfectly legal for business registration purposes provided that it is a physical address in a physical building. For example a PO box (a lockable post box in a mailbox rental shop), is not acceptable.

Registered Office

The most common use of a virtual office is as a legal registered office for a company or business. It is a legal requirement to have a registered office address for your company. The address must be registered with the Companies Registration Office when you set up your company. All official documents and notices will be sent to the registered office address so the address must be able to receive post. The address will be public so it’s a bad idea to use your home address because it will mix up your personal and business life. Customers and suppliers might also call to your home which can be unwelcome and make you look unprofessional.

Business Address

In addition to a registered office every company and business will also need a business address. This is the address made available to your perspective customers and your suppliers. it will be where you receive your day-to-day business letters. These include letters from your bank, correspondence from the Revenue Commissioners and invoices from your suppliers. You can also publish the business address on your website, email signatures and invoices.


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The Registered Office address and the Business Address can be the same.

Our Dublin based Virtual office service is in a physical street address so it’s 100% legal for official purposes. The service also includes access to meeting rooms and day offices.

This ability to use the physical office space is beneficial because it means that you are entitled to perform activities at the physical location. This which brings with it a solid proposition when it comes to your association with the address.

You can use a Virtual Office for all your business address requirements.

Hopefully this article will help you to understand that a virtual office is a legal way to operate your business. A virtual office is also very low cost when compared to a lease agreement.

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