Overwhelmed? Here is the secret to staying focused at work

If you have hit the ground running in 2020 then you may be already starting to feel a little overwhelmed. As the tasks start to mount up, your new year’s enthusiasm may be starting to take a hit. As a business owner and entrepreneur, managing your time and task list is difficult so as your tasks really start to build, you may not know where to direct your focus first. We have the answer for how to regain and maintain your focus and reduce that ever-growing task list right here:

Schedule the day before

Set aside 15 mins at the end of each workday to review what you achieved that day and plan what you need to finish for the next day. Pinpoint at least two to three larger tasks that you want to complete for the following day. Write them down and this will ensure that when you arrive at your desk the following morning, you will be ready to jump straight into them.

Create a Top Five

These will be the areas that are key to your business growth, productivity and success. These are tasks that only you can do and where you really need to prioritise your time. Anything that you do not have on your top five list, either learn to say no to, or you can delegate or hire someone else to do them. Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less is a great read that will help you learn more on the art of saying no.

Conduct a Monthly or Quarterly Review


Reviewing and evaluating your work activities and productivity levels on a regular basis is key to assessing if you are spending your time wisely or not. You can do this over 30-day period or 90-days, depending on which you prefer. You may find that there are some areas where you time and energy is being directed that no longer benefits or enhances your workday or your business.

Set Goals for the Year

You may be tired of hearing about setting goals but the reason they are so popular and so valuable is that they give you both direction and focus. We have put together five books that are essential for learning the art of goal setting and steps to achieve your goals.