Call Handling FAQ's

If you wish to include call handling with a Dublin landline number which is diverted to you then you should choose the “Top” Virtual Office Plan.

We can also offer professional call answering / reception services. The service is operated by our industry partners and prices start at €55 /month.

In both cases, you are provided with an (01) Dublin telephone number which is yours to publish. Prices exclude vat.
If you choose professional call answering / reception services then we’ll add it on for you after you have signed up for your Virtual Office Plan.

After you have signed up for Virtual Office Plan, there will be a short on-boarding process when we will ask if you want to professional call answering / reception services along with your instructions on exactly how you’d like your calls answered. 

If you’ve already chosen the “Top” Virtual Office Plan (which includes a phone line forwarded to your own number) then we’ll ask what number you want the call diverted to.
Professional call answering / reception services are an add-on service to your Virtual Office Plan whereby your calls are answered for you by a professional and experienced receptionist.

You can choose how you would like your call handled, for example the Call Answering team can take a message and text or email it to you, or they can patch the call through to you in real time and announce it before connecting you. A geographic landline telephone number is also provided for you to publish. You can choose the geographic location (eg Dublin, London, etc)
If you choose professional Call Answering, your calls are always answered promptly by a professional and experienced receptionist who will get to know and speak intelligently about your business. 
You can choose to have your messages sent right away by text message or email and also an end of day email summary of all your calls for that day. Calls can also be patched through to you and announced in real time by a real receptionist. Every business is different so it’s a tailored service you advise how you want your calls managed and we’ll make it happen.