Call Handling FAQ's

We offer two telephone call handing options.


Dublin landline (01 landline number) with call divert to a number of your choice.
A Dublin landline number is included in the Pro Plus Plan which costs €54 / month (based on a yearly plan)


Live call answering in your company name is available as an add-on to the Pro Plan 
The add-on cost starts at €55 /month.
You choose the geographic location of the landline phone number (eg Dublin, London, etc).
Your calls are answered by a professional receptionist who will take a message or announce the call and patch it through to you, as you prefer.
You choose exactly how and in what name your calls are answered.
To set up live call answering, first sign up for the Pro Plan and you’ll have the opportunity to add live call answering on to your Plan during the onboarding process. 

(Prices are exclusive of Vat)

 Your calls will be answered promptly by a professional and experienced receptionist who will get to know and speak intelligently about your business. A script and protocol will be agreed on how your live reception will communicate with to your customers, how specific questions should be managed and how your call should be handled. 
It’s extremely flexible. You can choose to have your messages sent right away by text message or email and also an end of day email summary of all your calls for that day. Alternatively, your calls can be patched through to you and announced in real time by your live receptionist before connecting the call to you.
Every business is different so it’s a tailored service. A script and protocol will be agreed with you in advance setting out exactly how you want your calls to be managed.