5 Technology Trends to Prepare for no

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2020 and at the new wave of business tech innovations that are coming your way. Some of these trends have been talking points for a while and are being predicted to take off in the new year, others are new additions. Here we look at 5 of these technologies that may have an influence on your business in the coming year.

Trend No.1: Distributed Cloud

The new year will see Cloud computing coming into a new era and evolving from centralised public cloud to distributed public cloud ushers. Distributed cloud allows data centers to be located in multiple geographical locations solving technical issues like latency and regulatory issues such as data sovereignty.

Trend No.2: AI Security

As technology continues to evolve, so too will the potential security attacks due to new vulnerabilities. In 2020, AI security will strengthen our online security through anticipation and identification of attacks and defending against them, enhancing and automating areas of cybersecurity. AI security solutions will identify threats in real time meaning faster response times from companies and businesses to possible threats.

Trend No.3: Data Policing

With Europe leading the charge in data protection regulation, countries such as Australia, Brazil and Canada have since followed our lead. In 2020, we will see data protection and privacy grow even more as businesses use more evolving technology and automated systems.

Trend No.4: The Decline of native Apps


With native apps being time consuming and quite costly to develop, entrepreneurs and companies have been looking for a way around the costly investments of creating these apps. As a result, in recent years, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) development has evolved and brought web apps even closer to native apps. You can now add PWAs as a shortcut to your phone which will look like a native app shortcut and work offline. The benefits for companies and businesses is, PWAs are cheaper to develop, more flexible and cost less to maintain. In 2020, we should see even further development and advances in these PWAs.

Trend No.5: 5G Network

In 2019, we saw the roll out and availability of 5G mobile data networks in cities around Ireland. With speeds of 10 and 20 Mbps from 4G, 5G is said to be capable of connections up to 100 times faster than 4G. Another benefit of 5G is lower latency which is the communication delay on the network.  Lower latency in business means faster responses and improved services for customers. In 2020, we should see 5G being available in more areas across the country. As a downside to this new improved data network, concerns in the US regarding data security have already been raised. We recently created some security steps you can put in place to secure your business data and for increasing your cybersecurity.