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4 Tips for Negotiating a Flexible Work Arrangement

Ask.Boss.about.Flexible.Working.ConditionsYou may find that a more flexible work arrangement may be exactly what is needed in your life to create a healthier work/life balance right now. Once you are ready to make the transition from the traditional nine to five schedules into a more flexible working schedule, the next step is to discuss it with your employer. While many businesses have embraced flexible working hours for their employees, there are some that may still be a little wary about adopting these flexible work schedules. We have created four tips to help prepare you for a conversation with your employer about making the transition into a more flexible schedule:

Read through your Employee Handbook or Contract

Many companies will have prepared an employee handbook which they will have given you when you were hired. This will outline the basic rules and regulations the company has regarding work arrangements. If you have not received an employee handbook then you will have received a work contract. Either of these should give you clear guidelines on where your company lies regarding a change to work hours.

Lay out the benefits to your employer

Changing your work schedule will certainly benefit you and your work/ life balance but what you need to make clear for your employer is how it will benefit them and the company. Take the time before your meeting to write a clear list outlining the various ways in which providing you with this flexible work option that the company will benefit.

Be Flexible

If you are the first in your company to approach your employer regarding a more flexible work arrangement, then you need to approach with a flexible attitude. Having a rigid proposal for your employer could make them less positive about your proposal and less likely to engage in a proper discussion regarding it.

Request a Trial Period

If your employer is open to the idea but still slightly hesitant then suggest a trial period. You can negotiate a set time frame that you are both happy with and use this time to demonstrate your strong work ethic despite the flexible schedule. This will reassure your employer and give you time to demonstrate the positive aspects of having flexible work arrangements within the company.