Top 5 considerations when choosing your Dublin Office Space

Finding office space to rent in Dublin can be time consuming, expensive and exhausting. Before embarking on your search, consider undertaking a desk top search first using some or all of these criteria.

Location, Location and…Location (and Location)

Wet weather, traffic congestion and commute time are big down sides to a long haul into the office. Have a good look at transport networks both road and public and see if they are within walking distance. Where are the majority of your clients located? Can they get to you easily? Is there a parking facility for them? How about when staff work late, will they still be able to get home easily? The closer to major transport hubs, the more expensive the Dublin office space will be to let or rent.

Type of Space

Are you a creative business or a professional service provider? Exposed internal brickwork or clinical clean lines? Serious, creative, or technical ?  The standard and finish of you chosen office space will reflect on who you are as a business and will make an impression on your clients as well as influence potential employees in their decision to go with you. If you want to attract top talent, then you’ll need to impress them and good quality office space can do just that.

What’s Local

No matter how great the onsite service, it’s always nice to pop out for a coffee or for a good lunch. What’s within walking distance? Is there a gym close by for staff? Good quality restaurants nearby ? How about a place for to brows topped up or hair done at lunch time or a bit of personal banking if you need to go in branch. The cost of office space to let in Dublin will be affected by this.


How’s the Broadband and mobile signal? An often overlooked issue but one that you’ll live to regret if you don’t check it out in advance. Mobile phone signal can very poor in some parts of Dublin so check it out on line or run an onsite test. Ditto for broadband as not all providers operate in all locations. If you have a preferred service provider then check that they service your preferred location.


If you’re a small business then you’ll be hoping to grow in the foreseeable future. Is the office you are planning to let able to accommodate that?  For staff of 15 or less, you should consider a serviced office or flexible workspace as the overall costs are lower and this will allow you to expand without having to change your location and the good will that you’ve built up at that address. Can you take more lateral space or will you be jogging up and down stairs? If your landlord flexible? Can you downsize if necessary?