Six Reasons Why you Need a Business Mentor

Setting up in business is an incredible experience but it can also be a series of pitfalls with some very sharp learning curves. One way to avoid this is by seeing out a Mentor. A huge 92% of small business owners agree that having a mentor has had a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business. The role of your business mentor will be to encourage your professional and personal development through the sharing of their knowledge, expertise and experience. Having regular meet ups to exchange ideas, problem solve, discuss progress and set goals for further success is essential in order to gain the most out of a mentoring relationship. We set out some of the primary benefits of having a mentor:

Expert Advice

A business mentor is someone who has become an expert in their field or in a certain business category. They will have tried and tested various systems and business practices which will ensure they can always be called upon for advice. Many business organisations such as Enterprise Ireland, run mentor grants or mentoring programmes.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is vital for your business growth and development; a mentor will provide an opportunity to access their very own network of contacts and business associates. As mentors are invested in your success, this is one area where they can really give you and your business a boost.

Blog.MentoringEncouraging Your Growth & Success

When starting out, you may fall into the trap of doubting your abilities or what your business has to offer. Having encouragement from someone who has already built a successful business is invaluable. A business mentor will have your back, boost your confidence and support you as you make decisions that will allow your business to grow.

Enhance Your Strengths

A mentor will have a keen business acumen that allows them to see areas where you are strong and business savvy and they will encourage you to develop those areas. They will offer you advice on overcoming weaknesses and how to not let those weaknesses affect your business.

Expand your Viewpoint

When we encounter business problems that slow us down, getting someone else’s perspective really helps. A mentor can see things from the outside and can notice the issues that need solving that you may not have noticed.

Life and Business Experience

Like with every profession, experience cannot solely be learnt from a book. Experience is the sum of numerous trials and errors and when you go through the process of dealing with situations that may arise. A mentor will have a wealth of experience under their belt which you can use to advance your business.