Getting Investors for your Remote Start Up

In the past disbursed and remote team based start-up businesses were not seen as a viable option for financial investors to put their money. Move along to today and we have businesses offering staff remote work options and coworking spaces in every major city. With increased technology and remote skills, investors are more confident and open to the idea of remote based businesses. If you are starting up a remote business and are thinking of approaching an investor, then we have outlined three selling points you should use when enticing financial investors:

Access to Global Talent

When approaching an investor, you want your company to have a strong, talented and experienced team as the basis of your business. As a disbursed team company, you have the advantage of being able to attract talent from all over the world thus ensuring this. Global talent will give your business a really strong foundation ensuring to impress any investor and give them the confidence to put money towards your business venture.

Low Burn Rate

A remote start-up company will generally burn through their initial investment at a lower rate than brick and mortar businesses. This is mainly due to low or no overheads such as office rental costs, which can often account for a huge portion of your business spend per annum. Employees can work from home, from anywhere in the world.

Unique Value Proposition

Even the most red ocean market can be breached if you have a product or service that stands out and adds value to your target audience. Your investor will want to know what this unique selling point is and how it adds value to your customer and your business. Ensure you have a well-defined value proposition for your investor.