How to set up an Online Property Agency in Ireland

Setting up an online property estate agency in Ireland can be a rewarding venture. The Irish property market, especially in cities like Dublin presents good opportunities for enterprising individuals.

To establish a successful online estate agency, it’s crucial to navigate the procedural and practical challenges and to understand the advantages of having a credible and legitimate business address. In this post we’ll guide you through the essential tips and steps, and highlight the benefits of using our 20 Harcourt Street Dublin postal address and mail handling service to really showcase your business.

Understand the Market and Your Niche

Before diving into the procedural aspects, it’s important to thoroughly research the Irish property market. Identify your niche, whether it’s residential, commercial, rental or sales. To help discover your niche, think about what aspect of property is attracting you to becoming an estate agent. Are you better with higher turnover transactions ? If so, maybe lettings is the right area for you. Or do you prefer or big ticket items like sales where there are fewer transactions but bigger fees?

Decide on what area you want to target and then tune into in your target audience. This will help you tailor your services for success and to get focused on specific marketing strategies that will your agency stand out.

Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) License

The Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) in Ireland is responsible for licensing and regulating property services providers such as auctioneers, estate agents, letting agents, and property management agents. The PSRA aims to ensure that property professionals operate in a manner that is fair and transparent to their clients.

Before you can start working as an estate agent in Ireland you’ll need to get registered with the PSRA:
Qualifications: You need a recognized qualification or equivalent experience.
Insurance: Professional indemnity insurance is mandatory.
Good Character: Provide a Garda vetting certificate.
Application: Complete the form and pay the fee.

Auctioneer, Estate Agent, Letting Agent, and Property Management Agent licenses are available. Compliance with PSRA regulations and ongoing professional development is essential and you risk prosecution and other sanctions if you fail to register. Visit the PSRA website to get started with the online registration process.

Memberships of representative bodies

Irish property agents have several membership organisation options to support their professional growth. They are well worth considering as they help agents stay updated on industry practices, access professional development, and enhance their credibility in the market. The following three organisations are principle ones that you will need to consider joining:-

The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV)

The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers is a representative professional body for qualified, licensed auctioneers, property service providers, valuers and estate agents throughout Ireland. Membership offers benefits such as access to industry training, continuous professional development (CPD) programs and networking opportunities. Additionally, IPAV members gain credibility and recognition in the property market which can be crucial for establishing and growing a new agency. Members also benefit from guidance on regulatory compliance and best practices, helping them navigate the complexities of starting their own business. Find or more from the IPAV website

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RCIS)

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) provides estate agents with professional recognition, training, and resources, ensuring high standards and ethical practices. Membership provides access to industry-leading market insights, continuous professional development and a network of professionals for support and collaboration. These benefits help agents enhance credibility, stay updated with industry trends and navigate regulatory requirements which will help in the successful establishment and growth of you agency. Check out the RCIS website for more

Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCSI)

Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland the independent professional body for chartered surveyors working and practicing in Ireland and membership will seriously elevate your credentials. For estate agents considering starting their own agency, SCSI membership offers numerous benefits, including access to extensive professional guidance, industry-standard tools, and continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities. Additionally, SCSI provides networking opportunities, industry research, and authoritative advice on key issues which can be invaluable for establishing credibility and staying up-to-date with market trends. Further information on the SCSI website

Marketing for Property Estate Agents

Social Media: Effective marketing strategies are crucial for Irish estate agencies. Your potential property buyers, renters and landlords are are all active on Social Media in particular Instagram. The younger generation (your future customers) are also active on Tiktok. Both platforms are highly visual and ideal for showcasing property photos and videos so it’s worth investing time into understanding how these platforms work and how to optimise your presence on them.

Video Tours: Property is all about the visuals and video yours are now the norm. Consider setting up a youtube channel to show case new listings. Use shorts of the video tours on your social media reels. Recycle your digital assets so that you make your content go further. All you need is your smartphone to get started and over time you’ll become a pro.

Property Podcasts: Podcasts are becoming very popular in real estate circles and a great way for you to show off your experience and expertise directly to your target market. You can talk about your own experiences in the property game or invite a guest on for a chat – a good guest could be an industry colleague with expertise in a different area to your own, or a client which has insight to share about a particular area of the property market. You can set up a podcast with just your computer or smart device.

Property Portals: Irish property agents will also need a presence on both and which are the dominating Irish property search websites. Both platforms offer a variety of packages for estate agents and there is flexibility to you can do deals with their account managers.

Email Marketing: Don’t underestimate the value of a good email marketing list. Email marketing can be underestimated but it should be one of your core marketing pillars. This is because it allows you to connect with buyers, landlords and tenants directly “of platform” and where there are no competing content or advertising. You essentially Own your own email marketing list where as your followers or subscribers on social are really only a rented audience. Outbound email can also be tailored and categorised to specific customer groups which makes email marketing for property agents even more powerful. Grow your list by asking for subscribers on your website and on your social medial platforms. Remember the golden rule for email marketing – inform and provide benefit and never spam or direct sell.

Paid online Advertising: If you have a marketing budget, consider also paid online advertising to reach your target audience. You can pay for ads using google ads or paid promotions on social media like Instagram or you can purchase a banner display add from both Myhome and

LinkedIn: Start also to build your Linkedin profile as this will help you to connect with colleagues and to get referrals. Showcase your professional achievements or provide useful property insight for your audience. Connect with other property professionals and link and repost their content.

Networking IRL (in real life): Getting face to face with other real estate professionals can also enhance your credibility and business opportunities. The property organisations mentioned above are a great place to start for business networking and connecting with your property colleagues.

Property Website: As an online estate agency, you’ll also need a professional and user-friendly property website. Ensure your website has at least the following features:

  • Search Functionality: Allow users to filter properties based on their preferences.
  • Contact Information: Make it easy for potential clients to reach you.
  • Blog and Resources: Provide valuable content related to property buying, selling, and renting.
  • SEO: Build your website with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. Make your text user friendly and enjoyable to read. Use keywords that potential clients will be searching for and above all avoid being spammy or salsey. Instrad write to inform your customer and organic SEO will follow.

Get a Business Address

Gone are the days where you need an expensive High Street physical location in order to get clients for your real estate business. You can be just as profitable (if not more profitable) by setting up your property agency exclusively online and using money you will save on expensive rent to grow your business instead. The saving you’ll make on not renting a physical office is astronomical. Literally in the tens of thousands every year.

However, there will always be clients that want to know where you are located and this is where a virtual office business address comes in. A prestigious Dublin address for your online real estate business will convey professionalism and trustworthiness.

Potential clients are far more likely to engage with a business that has a credible and recognisable address especially in a prime location. This gives clients the assurance that your business is legitimate and accessible. A full service virtual office service facilitates face-to-face meetings when necessary, building stronger client relationships and giving you a professional place to hold important meetings.

Using our Dublin Business Address and Mail Handling Service offered everything you’ll need to get the credibility you need. It also means you’ll never miss important letters from the PSRA or customer or solicitors correspondence as we manage your mail efficiently, ensuring that you receive all necessary documents and communications promptly. You’ll get real time notifications of new mail and use our unique online Mail Platform to tack your mail and make dynamic action requests such as scanning, forwarding and shredding.

A Dublin address can improve your local SEO, making it easier for potential clients in the area to find your business online. This will drive more traffic to your website and increase inquiries and revenue.

Our Dublin Postal Address and Mail Handling Service

We offer a premier business address and mail handling service in one of Dublin’s most prestigious buildings; Our service includes:

  • Legal Business Address & Mail Handling: Use our address for business registration, CRO registration, Revenue Applications, business correspondence, marketing materials and and client meetings.
  • Digital and Dynamic Mail Handling: Get notified when you receive new mail and use the online Mail Platform to view your mail, make action requests such as open and scan, forward, shred or come and collect.
  • Professional Image: Using your home address will loose you clients. Instead, enhance your business profile with a credible and visible Dublin address.

By choosing our service, you not only gain a prestigious address but also you’ll dramatically cut your costs by comparison if you were to rent a high street premises. Lower start up costs means better chance of survival in the early stages of business and ultimately higher profits.


Setting up an online property estate agency in Ireland involves some legal and procedural steps, but with careful planning and the right resources it can be a successful venture. Understanding the market, connecting with industry groups, establishing a strong online presence, and leveraging a prestigious Dublin address are key components of your success. Contact us today to learn how our Dublin postal address and mail handling service can elevate your business and provide the professional image you need.