Creating A One Minute Pitch

A One Minute Pitch allows you to describe your business or company succinctly in formal and informal networking situations. It can be used for potential investor, customers or when trying to entice new talented recruits to your team. If you have already created your branding, you will have created a customer value proposition that you can use as the basis for your One Minute Pitch. We have created a list of golden rules for you to consider when creating your pitch.

Use Plain Language

As your potential customers may not have a business background, try not to use acronyms, buzzwords and business jargon that will go over their head. The objective is to clearly tell people what your business does without losing their focus.

Keep to the Timeframe

Aim to deliver 60 seconds worth of material and no longer, starting with a good hook to capture your audience’s attention. It is recommended that you use between 150 – 160 words in this time frame as this is the range that most people are comfortable with hearing.

Use a High-Level Concept

The framework for your pitch should be stating the problem that your client may have, followed by the solution you and your business provide. Try using this “High Level Concept” to make it easier to explain your service or products.

Build on your Customer Value Proposition


You can use your Customer Value Proposition as the cornerstone of your One Minute Pitch, add one or two sentences to bulk it out and make it more interesting and relevant.

Do Not Overload the Listener

Your pitch is not about telling the listener everything you do in detail. It is a quick and snappy description of what problem-solving product or service your business can provide them with. While leaving them curious to know more.