Staying Sane While Working From Home

While we are in an unprecedented situation right now, with everything from cinemas to restaurants closed and music events to sports events cancelled in order to maintain social distancing and stop the spread of Covid 19. Those with an extrovert personality type may be finding this social isolation more difficult than others. Extroverts thrive and gain energy from being surrounded by other people and this is especially so in the workplace and with their work team. Having to suddenly adjust to isolation can be demotivating and frustrating which can have a negative effect on work productivity and mental wellbeing.

Maintain a Routine

Your routine will be essential to your wellbeing and productivity. Set your alarm clock, get up every morning and have your coffee or favourite breakfast. Get dressed in work appropriate clothing and create an office space in your home that will allow you feel like you are in work mode.

You may not be able to visit your favourite café on the way to work or for lunch, but you can make some tasty treats yourself at home. Check out The Food Medic, The Happy Pear, The Doctors Kitchen or Gather and Feast for amazing food inspiration.

Create an Online Social Calendar

Having social outlets to look forward to will help, reach out to friends or work colleagues and organise online social plans. You can organise game nights or virtual brunches or lunches. Plan your online fitness classes or virtual yoga classes to help destress. Some free fitness classes online that you can avail of include:

Leverage Technology

While in isolation, technology will be your saviour for staying in contact and especially for staying productive with your team. You will want to re create the energy you get in person with your team. There are many technologies that are available to you right now to help with collaboration, these include:

  • Slack – Which will allow you day to day communications has various functions that allow you collaborate with your team
  • co – This digital workspace allows you to use whiteboards and digital stickers to maximise collaboration

Take Time To Unwind

Taking a break from technology and social media is also essential to your mental wellbeing and will provide you with an opportunity to properly relax and unwind.  Take time out for a relaxing bath, to meditate, to journal this experience or to read that book that you have been wanting to for a while. Even extroverts need this quiet time to unwind fully. Read the benefits of journaling right here or check out popular relaxation app Headspace which has a guide to meditation for beginners. To make it even easier, we have listed the Top 5 Meditation Apps.