Are you being an Ass At Work?

If you’re working in open plan or in coworking space, it’s easy to get on the wrong side of your coworkers.

Being Needy

It’s okay to ask when you’re new but there comes a time when a staff member should know their stuff and refrain from sucking the life blood from their coworkers. It irritates colleagues, kills their productivity and your coworkers will avoid you like the plague. Given that you were employed in the first place, your employer must have considered you capable so next time you feel the urge to ask, don’t. “Within you the answer lies” [Yoda].


A fairly unpleasant quality by any standard and super draining for your office colleagues. If there is a real problem, then it’s best to approach someone who can actually resolve the matter. Complaining will also bring down overall morale and will probably reduce your own productivity too. Don’t think just because your work is still on par that you’re absolved, you’ll still be shunned by colleagues. Accept that complaining is only a form of temporary relief and try to fight the urge.

Taking Credit for Other People’s work

The opportunity has probably been presented to all of us at one time or another in our careers but be aware that it’s an attribute of the office climber and a guaranteed way to ensure coworker hatred. Also, once the euphoria of “nailing it” in front of your boss wears off you’ll probably feel a bit shit. Plus, you’ll have just stabbed a colleague in the back so your karma is going to take a strong hit. Finally, it can have quite a nasty effect on your career if your boss finds out. Try working off merit and see how good it feels.

Being an Email Pest

Sending emails after hours or at weekends, blatant ass covering and unnecessary use of the cc field are just some of the catalysts guaranteed to incite email rage. Other pet hates include sending those “Happy Friday” and “Sad Monday” emails. Unless they’re appropriate and extremely original, they’re just painful. You might also consider saving that smiley face for your Facebook page and while you‘re at it, run a quick grammar check before clicking the send button.

Being borderline Creepy

Invading personal space, standing too close to colleagues and discussing your personal life are all guaranteed to earn you the title of office shadow. If you fancy a colleague, tread carefully. Office romances do arise but go slow, read the signals and resist the urge to declare your love, particularly if there’s alcohol involved. Oh, and there’s a bunch of sexual harassment legislation out there so not only could you face disciplinary action from your boss, you could end up in court.

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