Member Spotlight – Sarah Richford, TechraNova

We recently caught up with freelance graphic designer and Office Suites Club member Sarah Richford. Sarah tells us about her work and how Dublin reminds her of her native Scotland.

So tell us about yourself and what led you to set up in business ?

Hello! I’ve been a freelancer graphic designer for almost 5 years now. It came about from my love for drawing and the ability to make a living from my own skills as an artist.

What are the types of services that you you provide and what problems that you solve for your customers?

I have skills in graphic design with a focus on shirt and apparel design. On the side I also design and draw promotional artwork for users on the website

Do you have any advice for Entrepreneurs who are starting out ?

It depends on the type of business you’re trying to grow. For me I eventually learned not to put all your eggs on one basket. That it is good to branch out your skills and apply them to many different disciplines.

Share your hidden gem about Dublin

I’ve only just moved to Dublin (and Ireland in general) and I’m already in love with this amazing city. The view from Ticknock Forest is a lovely place to visit and to see a full view of Dublin from.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I feel at home here because so much of Dublin reminds me of Scotland

How can our audience get in touch with you?

I have many social media profiles for sharing my artwork and sales etc. Instagram has been quite good at just displaying artwork. Carbonmade is my portfolio website.