Member Spotlight – Patrick Barr, Barr Performance Coaching

Barr Performance Coaching is Leadership & Career Coaching consultancy made up of a group of experienced professionals and headed up by Patrick Barr.  We caught up with Patrick recently to find out more about his business and also his book “The Successful Career Toolkit”

So tell us about yourself and what led you to set up in business ?

I am inspired by coaching and helping people fulfil their potential. I set up the business so that I could spend more time working with a diverse customer base to deliver a meaningful business impact.

What problems that you solve for your customers?

We aim to inspire confidence in clients to make a breakthrough in their business or career so that they can achieve their long term goals. We provide 1:1 coaching, group coaching and leadership development activities in small and large companies.

Do you have any advice for Entrepreneurs who are starting out ?

Listening to the challenges your customers face and then coming up with solutions to enable them to be successful is key to long term success. It is important to make sure that you are very clear on the challenge you are trying to solve for the customer and what value they place on you meeting their need. In addition, you need to consider how you are going to present your unique value proposition and then protect it once it is out there in the mark

Tell Us about your Book

The book is called “The Successful Career Toolkit”. It’s  primary value proposition is that it provides quick access to thought provoking insightful material that will help the reader make considered decisions and take a prudent course of action when faced with a challenge that may evoke or have evoked an emotional response.  The book is different from others in that it is written by a business leader who has hands on practical international experience of dealing with business challenges both as a practitioner and as a coach to leaders in both large and small enterprises.


The book is packed with pragmatic suggestions and processes that will help the reader build the confidence to grasp their challenge in a positive manner.  As you progress through your career or careers, you will face new and different challenges. The skills you have which worked in one situation may not work in another, or may need developing and applying in a different way for unfamiliar circumstances. This is where The Successful Career Toolkit comes in – a handy survival guide, this is a book designed to be a useful resource no matter where you career takes you.  Written by experienced senior business leader, coach, and mentor Paddy Barr, this book does what it says on the tin – providing concise and empowering guidance on a range of essential business skills from asking for a raise or managing a difficult conversation, to developing your personal brand to giving constructive performance feedback to an employee.   Grouped into three sections – managing yourself, managing others, and managing processes and tasks – each focused topic is structured in the same way to facilitate a quick access for the reader to find the solution to the particular work challenge they’re facing. First, a basic introduction to the relevant skill, including self-reflection and preparation, moving through orientation to the desired positive outcome and ending with handy tips and tricks and a reflective exercise. With practical interactive exercises throughout, The Successful Career Toolkit is a vital resource, and a handy guide you will return to again and again as you progress in your chosen career. For more about the book and to purchase a copy follow this link.

Share your hidden gem about Dublin

I like the variety of restaurants in Dublin. Delahunt is my current favourite

Anything else you’d like to share?

The Night Market in Ranelagh has great Thai food

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