4 Core Considerations before booking a meeting room

We look at 4 things you should Consider when choosing a Dublin Meeting Room


Think in advance about what technology you will need for your meeting. Naturally, you will need to easily connect to wifi so be sure to check that this is available. Presentation and audio visual options vary from flip charge to on screen presentation. If you plan on presenting make sure that you arrange a quick rehearsal before hand to make sure that it all works and is compatible with your lap top or the device that you plan to use.

Client Impression

What Impression will the meeting room give your clients? Your choice in meeting room will reflect your business and brand. Choose a meeting location that reflects your brand. Are you creative, for example a designer or Marketeer ? Are you in the professions, for example a lawyer or accountant?  Meeting Rooms is Dublin 2 are suitable for most industries.

If you’re looking for meeting rooms in Dublin then take a look at our meeting room at 20 Harcourt Street.

Service and Facilities

Your clients will probably may expect tea, coffee and snacks  to be made available in the meeting room. ensure that they are. Also your clients may want to use the bathroom so make sure that your chosen location has new clean toilet facilities.

Support Staff

Its important to have staff available in case something unexpected happens. for example, you have difficulty connecting to Wifi or an issue develops with the presentation options.

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